Crest Tower

In France’s tallest keep you will discover:

• A medieval tower (12th-14th century), fortifications, and a seigneurial residence.

• An extraordinary medieval defensive system

• Scale models showing the intricate architecture and the development of three adjoining towers:
the 12th century Tour Vieille (Old Tower),
the Tour Neuve (New Tower)
and the 14th century Croton Tower.

• A covered terrace with 7 sloping roof sections
for collecting rainwater to fill a storage tank 9.30 m deep with a capacity of up to 65,000 litres.

• Prison cells
that housed men, women, and children over the course of three centuries.

recording prisoners’ sufferings and hopes.

• Historical documents
(lettres de cachet, and petitions) from the prison era.

• At the top of the Tower, orientation tables
illustrating the outstanding panoramic view of the Drôme Valley and its landforms, along with the Vercors, and the Ardèche mountains.