Rappelling descent

The only adventure in France : rappelling of the highest french keep's east side (131 feet)
This activity is secured by graduated climbing monitors. Open to children from 6 years old. This activity is open during both july and August, every wednesday and saturday afternoon. Booking possible to groups all year long.

FARES : click here

Please note that :
- The equipment is provided (helmet, harness, ropes...)
- 155 euros charges are added to the entry price to groups under 20 people.

Educational workshops

The Tower offers custom made activities to schoolchildren (elementary, secondary and high schools), around themes linked to the Middle ages's history.

Duration: about 1 hour

→ "From Romance to Ghotic"
Architecture in the Middle Ages / construction of a wall with two arches
Discussed subjects
• construction site in the Middle Ages
• notion of medieval architecture and styles learning (Romance and Gothic)
• history of fortified castles and cathedrals
• trades of the Middle Ages

→ "Defense systems"
Fortified castles and Organization/ Construction of a fortified castle giant model
Discussed subjects
• history and architecture of fortified castles
• life inside and outside the fortified castle
• the medieval society
• the fortified castle's attacks and defense

→ "The medieval society"
Countryside and cities in the Middle Ages/ construction of a medieval city model
Themes :
• urban planning and urbanization in The Middle Ages
• Medieval toponymy and civil architecture
• daily life in The Middle Ages
• the society's evolution

→ "Lords'life"
Heraldic art / several activities ( games, drawings, creation)
Subjects :
• Function and importance of the shield
• Function and composition of the shield
• The heraldic art's evolution
• colors and forms used in The Middle Ages

FARES : click here

Please note that :
- The presence of minimum 1 guide is mandatory
- Free to guides and to the driver.
- 1 free entry to 20 paying tickets.
- Picnics authorized in the site.
- For a group under 15 people, guiding fees of 40 euros are added to the group entry fare